• We give kids our bats.  Every child feels strong with a bat in his/her hands.  Think of it as a fight club!
  • We dip into our vast network to arrange encouraging visits to children in hospitals fighting cancer.
  • We encourage kids to be kids... even under the most difficult circumstances.
  • We encourage our Reps globally to seek out opportunities where we can help.
  • We organize camps or clinics to support kids facing difficult times.

Please contact our team if you know of a child in need.  We are here to help and bring a glimmer of joy and encouragement into a child's life.

Email - aaron.nielsen@harmonybats.com


Harmony Sports Co. began on the baseball fields scattered around North America when players discussed the importance of the mental side of the game.  The connection between the mental and physical is real and thus Harmony was born.  Originally, the company set out to create premium Maple Bats for players.  We wanted to help players calm the mind when going up to bat.  We wanted players to trust their preparation and teammates.  Our goal was to enhance player performance through preparation, teamwork, and mental strength.  We could have never expected to see such a positive reaction and explosive growth.  Our message resonated with players at all levels and our brand supported the message through continuous improvement and humbly listening to what players wanted.


As the company grew, we added other products that met quality standards and reminded players to create Harmony in their preparation and approach.  We began to notice teams peak performing as a result of leadership and love.  Players cared about each other and the internal engine was able to drive performance.  Coaches emotionally invested in players and unlocked layers of courage that many players struggled to find.  The true difference maker was inside the heads of players and coaches.


We have taken our message to fields around the world and we currently support a team in Cameroon, Africa and beyond.  We have partnered with amazing organizations that see the bigger picture and support the message of Harmony.  We are very proud of our brand and look forward to working with players and organizations around the globe.


You will find our brand and partner brands running high-energy camps and clinics around the country.  Every member of our team has a passion for the game.  Expect to work with people in our network and be surprised at the level of energy, intensity, and love put into every part of our process.


When you buy Harmony, you help children fight cancer.  We donate bats to those fighting pediatric cancer.  We discussed how strong having a baseball bat in your hands makes you feel and there is nothing like crushing a baseball!  Our small gift to those going through the battle of their life is to equip them with a "fight club" ie. Harmony Bat.


"When ones words, thoughts, and actions are one... then one will truly be great."

"Fear is stopping you from becoming the leader that you are supposed to become."

"Use things, not people... Love people, not things."

"Success favors the prepared"

"Kaizen - The Japanese concept of Continuous Improvement."

"Real competition = YOU VS. YOU."

"SM+SB = MF"

"Nobody can stop you but you."


We are growing our Rep. network and want to partner and work with people who reflect our vision above.  Join us on this journey!  We are going to complete another program in Roatan, Honduras and continue to support our friends in Cameroon.  Also, we have partnered with Major League University to bring camps, coaches clinics, and mental training courses to players all over.

Thank you for taking to the time to learn more about our company and from the bottom of our hearts... THANK YOU and let's go make a difference to lives all over!